Green Energy

If you are even remotely familiar with current events and energy you know how important green energy is to us. It is the biggest challenge we, as a species, face today.

Global warming is not a myth, pollution is not a myth, all these things are very real, and if we are not careful, enough they will cost us everything we have. The global average temperature is rising each year, and it’s slowly starting to shape our planet into an uninhabitable monster. If we pass the point of no return all, we will be able to do is sit idly by, waiting for the biggest disaster the world has ever seen.

All of this sounds horrible, but it’s the truth.

Green Energy

The only way we can save our planet and ourselves is by implementing green energy.

The earth and the sun provide more than we will ever need. If we simply opt for green energy, we will easily dismiss all the dangers we face.

There are a couple of ways you can harvest clean energy, and these are through the power of the wind, water, and the sun.

Through these three elements, we can produce electricity and power all our devices and needs for transportation.

Solar Panels on The HouseYou can also make a change; you don’t have to wait for your country to make a decision to switch to clean energy. By installing a few solar panels to your home, you will be able to power all your needs all year round, granted that you live in a favorable area.

This favorable area problem maybe can’t be solved by you, but it surely can be solved by the government. If there aren’t many sunny days in your country, there certainly is the wind, and most likely large rivers. These three things combined can easily replace burning fossil fuels to power one’s needs.

The great minds of today are also thinking alike. Elon Musk, one of the greatest scientists in today’s world, came up with an idea of having a multi-tasking, driverless electric vehicle and put it into action. He created a car which runs on electricity, does no harm to the environment, is guided by GPS (doesn’t require a driver) and can be used as a taxi while you’re not using it for yourself. This can completely replace human drivers who drive cars which burn fuel to run.

Electric CarThis idea is also amazing because the car itself doesn’t cost all that much, and if the taxi services in your hometown are somewhat average in comparison to other big cities, you can make enough money to pay back the investment just by using it as a taxi.

Imagine having a car which drives you to work and once it does it goes off working for you as long as you work too.

This idea is gaining a lot of popularity, and he declared that if this gets big enough, he would like to replace the buses, trains, and other vehicles by this same concept.

Think about the world and what you can do to contribute to its well-being. Go green.